BYOB Charcuterie Board Party!

I am a sucker for a party. I don’t need an excuse. I just create a reason. And here is one of them – A BYOBoard Party – Charcuterie Board that is. Yep, it’s still a thing and it’s fabulous. My girlfriends came through as usual, with some fabulous ideas. People were so creative. We all had the best time.  Here are the boards they came up with.

The Halloweeny Menagerie


This is such a fun board. It has traditional elements like the meats, cheeses, crackers…but it also has some super fun surprises like the cider donuts and berries. I love the halloween touches like the bones and eyeballs. And the fun blending in of orange items like the peppers, carrots and little pumpkins is so whimsical.

The Tastycake Tray

tastycake charcuterie board

Now some of you may not be familiar with this, but here in the Philadelphia area we have Tastycake. A clear winner above any Little Debbie or Hostess product, this was pure genius to me as my sweet tooth is of saber tooth tiger proportions.  Here we run the gamut of all things tastycake: chocolate covered donuts, Kandy Kakes (a wonderful delight of peanut butter topped cake, coated in chocolate) Chocolate Cupcakes, Buttercream Filled Chocolate Cupcakes, Pecan Swirls, Oatmeal Cookies and Jelly Filled Krimpets. A Krimpet is a cake with funny dents or “krimps” in it. The only thing missing is the Butterscotch Krimpet, arguably the most popular tastycake. (I’ll forgive my aunt for the omission. laughing)

The KFC Board

The KFC Board

I am definitely a fan of KFC- Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yum! Here’s we have the essential KFC Board, complete with original chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, mac n cheese and, of course, biscuits. Gotta have the biscuits. 

Pretty Meat Board

Big Rose Charcuterie Board

How clever is this.  What a beautiful rosette nestled amoungst the other meats, cheeses and grapes. This one also has the Honeycomb Orange Tomatoes, which if you haven’t had one, is the best darn grape tomato in existance. And finally a little samlping of some stuffed cherry peppers. Sweet. Savory. Simple.

Tray O' French Fries

Tray O' French Fries

Now this is a tray I can get behind. A Tray O’ Fries! I really just wanted to take this whole tray and hide in a closet until everyone left. Here we have regular, curly and Old Bay. The essential cheese is there and the ketchup was somewhere in the vicinity

Movie Night Nosh

Movie Night Nosh Tray

This was so clever – one of my favorites of the night!  Movie Theater goodies!!  There we have buttered popcorn, caramel popcorn, kit kats, m & ms, raisinets, milk duds, reese’s pieces, gummy bears, sour gummy worms, starburst and nachos. Perfect. 

The Pizza Plate

The Pizza Plate

This is THE board in my opinion. Pizza is my JAM. It’s just perfection. Everything I truly enjoy all on one plate. (Chef’s Kiss) We have White Broccoli, Pepperoni, Plain, and Plain Sicilian. Nestled in between all that we have those scrumptious pillows of delight – pizza rolls.  And, of course, extra sauce in which to dip that crust. I shoulda just taken that plate into the closet with my fries. laughing

This was one of the best parties I’ve ever hosted. It was a great time to just relax, chat and enjoy each other’s company while grazing on a truly great variety of food. And let’s not forget the drinks.  Always the drinks. Many thanks to my gals for being the bestest friends and indulging me in my activities.  

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